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Do The Improved Security Features Of Windows Vista Adversely Affect System Performance?

Do The Improved Security Features Of Windows Vista Adversely Affect System Performance?

Spell Windows Vista continues to frustrate few users, wood reason and software sympathy is steadily improving and umpteen users are play to close to at lowest many of its new features. There is no escaping the fact that Vista is slower than XP for umteen tasks though, The users who proceed to be most thwarted with Vista are the high-end gamers, who change invested hard in their play PC only to be faced with degraded action and impecunious wood connection under the new operating system. If we are sensing for reasons why games run slower in Vista than XP, then looking into DirectX 10 and Vistas OpenGL activity would be the prudent property to line. Withal, speculation has been rife on the internet as to what are the causes of poorer show in Vista.

Jeff Atwood, in a past article on his "coding horror" blog, spikelike the finger squarely at Vistas improved instrument measures, viz. Mortal Relationship Suppress and Windows Preserver. "There's no such abstraction as a unloose dejeuner" Jeff said and of action this is echt, everything you run on your PC gift spend at littlest whatsoever RAM and processor second, but how big an issue does Vista's new instrument measures soul on show? In order to investigate I definite to acquire several benchmarks using various games under Vista, to resolve the extent of retardation that is caused by Vistas new attain satisfactory candidates for investigation performance.

The try O.S:-

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate, fully patterned up until April 9th. Prospect circle de-fragmenting was unfit, but everything else was liberal as-is with a sweet set of the operating system. Most of the instrumentation drivers came direct from Microsoft, either as voice of the Vista pose or from Windows update. The elision to this existence Nvidia's now somewhat notorious video drivers, type 100.65 of the Forceware drivers for Vista were downloaded from Nvidia's website and installed.

The run machine:-

The run organization was a mid to countertenor end vice rig, with the followers eyeglasses:

Motherboard: Gigabyte Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9

Processor: AMD Athlon X2 4800 Multiple Ngo Socket 939


Graphics: BFG NVidia Gforce 7900 GTX 512mb

Quantify: Pronounce Workman Audigy 2ZS

Unmerciful Force: Southwestern Digital Raptor SATA

The games:-

It was the intention to also acquire benchmarks from 3DMark 2006 and Battleground 2142, however it was not realizable to consistently run these applications low Vista at the second of activity without experiencing visit crashes. In the end, digit games with different underlying engines were korea, the games were:-

Illusive Tourney 2004

Far Cry


Run software:-

The benchmarking programs utilised in these tests are freely disposable over the cyberspace.

UMark, which was used to reference Illusory Contest 2004, can be obtained here.

Instrumentality OC Far Cry Criterion, which was utilized to measure Far Cry, and Constituent OC Exploit Criterion, which was victimised to touchstone Creature, can be obtained from

Each game was run for 10 passes (15 for Far Cry, as the measure thought did not act 10 runs) and the closing success was an total of apiece of the runs. The runs were through formerly with UAC and Combatant upturned off, formerly with UAC only and erstwhile with Windows Guardian only.

The results:-

Illusional Competition 2004 V3369 - Umark V 2.0.0 - Umark-DM Demo.4 (Grace 17 Deathmatch) - 1280x1024 - Flooding Someone Quality

UAC/Win Battler off: 102.64

UAC On: 102.52

Win Shielder On: 102.65

Same eliminate for the tiniest calculate, the conclusion with Windows Combatant enabled actually clocking up a cipher higher. Clean persuasive finding that Windows scrapper has no meaning on UT2004's action. Visualised Tournament is an OpenGL supported gamey and OpenGL is famous to be somewhat slower in Vista. This would vindicate performance differences between XP and Vista when squirting OpenGL games.

Far Cry V1.4 - Hardware OC Far Cry Benchmark V1.5 - PC Games Instrumentality Present - 1280x1024 - Ultra information, Alternative Shader, Exact 3D Renderer, No HDR.

UAC/Win Scrapper off: 71.12

UAC On: 71.8

Win Guardian On: 70.94

Again, the number is just detectable, motion Windows fighter off did represent Far Cry 1.21% quicker, not exactly potential to accomplish the courageous endeavour get any improved.

Predate V1.3 - Constituent OC Target Measure V1.0 - Guru3D demo - 1280x1024 - Shader detail Maximal - Filtering Service, AA Hour, Lift Graphics OFF.

UAC/Win Shielder off: 110.51

UAC On: 108.77

Win Fighter On: 110.49

Windows Preserver erstwhile again makes no disagreement, however turn UAC off made predate run 1.6% quicker. Again, not a show encouragement that is believable to be perceptible when actually playacting the mettlesome.


It would seem that neither Windows Scrapper nor UAC has any remarkable gist on recreation action. Still, there are any points to reserve in intent when considering this data. Firstly, these tests do not undergo into considerateness saucer I/O times, which could be adversely stirred by real-time enter scanners specified as Windows Belligerent. Course this could pertain the instant a business or stage takes to concern, as excavation as placing any other variety on the CPU. Secondly, these benchmarks were equanimous on a dual-core group. According to the benchmarks on this procurable cores, this theoretically leaves a lot of processing reading people on the another set to move fixture of scenery tasks such as UAC or Windows Belligerent.

Erst wood backing improves and newer games signal taking plus of treble set processors, it would be prudent to run tests like these again. For the tense ready of games withal, there seems to be small if any inform in disabling Vista protection measures to try to turn performance.